Breeze through your inbox

Aiko uses artificial intelligence to automatically summarize messages, highlight important information, focus your inbox and help you write emails faster.

Focus on what matters most

Aiko uses artificial intelligence to summarize incoming content and highlight the most important information for you, so you can focus on what matters most. Skim through your emails with speed and become more efficient with Aiko.


Write better emails, faster

Using voice scheduling and linked actions, Aiko simplifies replying to emails and does the heavy lifting for you. With our track opens feature, you'll get read receipts on all sent emails.

Word on the street

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Save time and money

The average person wastes 13 hours a week managing their emails. We did the math--only about 38% of all emails are important. Let Aiko narrow it down for you and use our AI-powered features to save time and make the most of your email.



Pick the right plan for your needs

Simply connect to Aiko using your Gmail, Yahoo or any other email provider.

Need enterprise solution?



  • Summarize emails instantly
  • Highlight key information
  • Schedule 20 meetings
  • Track opened emails
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Advanced AI

  • Summarize emails instantly
  • Highlight key information
  • Schedule unlimitted meetings
  • Track opened emails
  • Block email trackers
  • Write emails automatically

Now entering exclusive beta

To offer the best service possible we are entering a limited, exclusive beta phase. Sign up for our waitlist below--we take people off the list every day!